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Presentations from Conferences and Events

Presentations from conferences and events are sorted by the event within the year that they took place.

Use the "More in this Section" pull down menu above to choose the page with the year of the presentation that you are looking for or search with the title of the presentation in the Community search box above the menu in the left column. 

2018 Annual Conference

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June 4 - 6, 2018, The Mills House Wyndham Grand Hotel, Charleston, SC
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Bankruptcy Debate PPTX (61.13 KB)  more ] Administration 5/31/2018
Best Practices in Supporting Borrowers PPTX (5.72 MB)  more ] Administration 5/31/2018
Changing Demographics Bransberger PPTX (10.25 MB) Administration 6/8/2018
Changing Demographics Wylie PPTX (25.27 MB) Administration 6/8/2018
Federal Servicing and Collections PPTX (9.71 MB) Administration 6/8/2018
Hot Topics in Compliance PPTX (688.94 KB) Administration 6/8/2018
Improving Info Technology PPT (4.6 MB) Administration 6/8/2018
Improving Workplace Barrett PPTX (1.15 MB) Administration 6/8/2018
Improving Workplace Misjak PPTX (8.2 MB) Administration 6/8/2018
Issues Affecting Student Loan Servicing Collection PPTX (9.71 MB)  more ] Administration 5/31/2018
State Update Vaishali Rao PPTX (824.81 KB) Administration 6/8/2018
Student Loan Fraud and Risk Assessment PPTX (4.63 MB) Administration 6/11/2018
Student Loan Repayment PPTX (1.04 MB) Administration 6/8/2018
TCPA Greg Stevens PPTX (1.47 MB) Administration 6/8/2018

2018 April Legal Meeting

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2018 April Legal Meeting, April 13, 2018, The Westin, Alexandria, Virginia
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Bankruptcy Developments Kari Barber PPTX (326.39 KB)  more ] Administration 4/17/2018
Fair Credit Reporting Act Litigation Tara Elgie PPTX (1.06 MB) Administration 4/17/2018
Implications of the TCPA Decision Mark Brennan PDF (453.26 KB)  more ] Administration 4/17/2018
Issues in Student Loan Finance PPTX (280.82 KB)  more ] Administration 4/17/2018
Neg Reg and Other Dept of Education Developments PPT (3.58 MB)  more ] Administration 4/17/2018
Washington Update James Bergeron PPTX (3.27 MB)  more ] Administration 4/17/2018

2018 Legislative Conference

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2018 Legislative Conference, February 5 - 7, 2018 W Hotel Washington, DC
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
College Access and Success Initiatives Ashton PPT (6.31 MB)  more ] Administration 2/15/2018
College Access and Success Initiatives Cook PPTX (9.01 MB)  more ] Administration 2/15/2018
Impact Tax Reform on Higher Education Bloom PPTX (1.37 MB)  more ] Administration 2/7/2018
Impact Tax Reform on Higher Education Hoekstra PPTX (2.21 MB) Administration 2/7/2018
Presidents Report Bergeron PPTX (778.21 KB)  more ] Administration 2/15/2018
Regulatory Reform Repp PPTX (74.16 KB)  more ] Administration 2/15/2018
Tools to Combat Debt Relief Scams PDF (2.56 MB) Administration 2/12/2018

Other Presentations

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A collection of presentations outside of NCHER's regular meetings.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
NCHER Pre-Election Forecast PPTX (3.1 MB)  more ] Administration 11/1/2018
US Court of Federal Claims Opinion PDF (3.07 MB)  more ] Administration 9/16/2018
Trellis Student Financial Wellness Survey PDF (714.98 KB) Administration 4/10/2018
Don’t Fear the FAFSA PDF (1023.29 KB)  more ] Administration 2/12/2018
NCHER FSA Tools Resources 05/2017 PPT (13.1 MB) Administration 5/12/2017
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