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The National Council of Higher Education Resources (NCHER - pronounced N-share) represents a nationwide network of guaranty agencies, secondary markets, lenders, loan servicers, collection agencies, schools and other organizations involved in the administration and servicing of federal and private education loans. NCHER members promote student access and choice for postsecondary education and training.

NCHER represents its members on public policy initiatives within the legislative, executive and regulatory branches of the federal government and brings together the higher education community to improve legislation and regulations to strengthen all federal student loan programs through its ongoing involvement, on behalf of its members, with Congress, the Department of Education, and other associations and organizations engaged in student loan financing and policy. NCHER provides members with up-to-date information and analysis on all policies and procedures affecting federal and other student loans and education financing in general and hosts three major conferences each year.

NCHER Members promote access and choice for postsecondary education and training. A key objective is to inform the public about the availability of higher education financing and promote cost effective methods to ensure open access to postsecondary education. NCHER's members provide loan services and assistance through federal and private education loan programs in order to meet student and family needs.

At the center of NCHER activities are our committees that meet regularly via conference call.  Nominations for NCHER committees are accepted online from NCHER member organizations. Please contact your organization's primary NCHER contact to fill out a nomination form for a committee nominee. Committee terms run from July 1 through June 30 each year. 

Our web site is structured as an online member community. We hope you will explore the various features our site has to offer. We created this online space for members to log on and create a dynamic member profile, collaborate on projects, share your ideas and expertise – and to connect with your fellow members.  Share, collaborate, exchange and grow – that's why we're here and we hope you are too. Engage and explore anytime, from anywhere there's a web connection.


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